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name of egyptian queen

Find and save ideas about Egyptian queen names on Pinterest. | See more about Egyptian goddess names, Queen nefertiti and Isis goddess. Many people can name Nefertiti and Cleopatra as ruling queens of Egypt from the past, but in fact, there are several more that deserve mention along the. The names of all the Queens of Egypt. List of famous Queens and consorts of the Kings of Egypt. List of consorts and queens including Nefertiti, Tiy and Nefertari. She is mainly known from her tomb, which is located in the central field of Giza. After the death of the nomarch Ankhtifi , Intef II was able to unite all the southern nomes down to the First Cataract. She was the first Egyptian queen consort to bear the title Great Royal Wife, which became the standard title for chief wives of pharaohs. A pharaoh of Lower Egypt reigned c. Also known as Radjedef. An Egyptian prince who served as vizier and overseer of works for King Khafra.

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Keraunos was killed during a battle against the Gauls of Bolgius. She has also been called the "Friend of the Dead". Hori succeeded Neferronpet in office. Following their marriage, the couple honored the deities of the restored religion by changing their names to Tutankhamun and Ankhesenamen. He was possibly the son of Ptolemy VI and Cleopatra II and reigned briefly with his father in BC, and for a short time after that, but was murdered by his uncle, Ptolemy VIII, who succeeded him. High Priest of Amun at the beginning of the reign of Ramesses II. He was the son amstredam the local governor Khnumhotep II, and was promoted high steward and then vizier under Senusret II. Pepi II and the Dwarf around BC. The vizier and son-in-law of king Niuserre. From Nubia ancient name for Ethiopia Read More. Gender Any Boy Girl Unisex. She was married perhaps by force to both her father, Akhenaten, and her grandfather, Ay. Also called Amenophis I'. Facebook Pinterest Instagram Twitter YouTube. Huy was succeeded by Pahemnetjer. He was a half-brother of Khufu and nephew to Hetepheres I. A general under the Egyptian king Thutmosis III in the 18th dynasty. The kingdom was ruled by the Greek Ptolemaic dynasty that was founded by Ptolemy I Soter, following the death of Alexander the Great in BC. Possibly the son of Pharaoh Merneptah and Queen Takhat. Having multiple wives and concubines enabled the pharaohs to establish their dynasty and ensure the line of succession. Amenhotep III - BC The heretic king. ANNEKEthe wife of Nakht-ankh. This theory has not been confirmed. One of the last records of Ankhesenamun might be correspondence with the Hittite ruler, in which she wrote she was "afraid". Nectanebo deposed and killed Nefaarud II, starting the last dynasty of Egyptian motorad rennen. Queens of Egypt - Queen Hatshepsut Egyptian Queens: The End of the Queens of Egypt Egyptian Queens: He was also director of Upper and Lower Egypt and overseer of all the works of the King in Upper and Lower Egypt. Julius Caesar intervened, enabling Cleopatra VII to regain Egyptian throne and forcing Ptolemy XIII to flee the city. Click here to discover more about Queen Hatshepsut. Featured Posts What I Learned After Taking a Homeless Mother Grocery Shopping 19 Cartoons Your Child Should Be Watching The Dangers of Potty Training Too Early The Crazy Truth About Samoas vs. A God's Wife of Amun during the 22nd dynasty.


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